Reflection #gratitude

April 27, 2023 jeszy 0

We are taught to be grateful. I remind my boys to be grateful – say “Thank you” and show your appreciation. I remind myself to […]

Ending 2021

December 22, 2021 jeszy 0

Thoughts of events of my life flashed passed as I made my way home. 2021 is ending. Another year that flew right past… passed. A […]

Giving Thanks

October 13, 2020 jeszy 0

Dedicate time to give thanks – when you wake and before you sleep. If it helps you re-ground yourself, isn’t the time spent deserving?

Make better

September 15, 2020 jeszy 0

Different as we are, we work together as a team to make better the things around us, towards the same goal. I wanted to be […]

My Heaven

August 27, 2020 jeszy 0

Where do you think is Heaven? Is Heaven a place filled with love?Is Heaven a place filled with peace? If one is always chasing something […]

The second child

May 23, 2019 jeszy 0

People say that the second child is the smarter one. In my opinion, the second child are the witty ones. They do pick things up […]