My Heaven

Where do you think is Heaven?

Is Heaven a place filled with love?
Is Heaven a place filled with peace?

If one is always chasing something that can never satisfy your hunger or your thirst;
If one is always angry, refusing to let go of grudges, refusing to forgive;
If one chooses to shy away from the world in order to feel safe;
Does that give you peace?
Does that give you joy?
Are you still afraid?
Are you still chasing, or running?

Are those ever going to be enough?

What did you choose? What are you choosing? What will you choose?

Choose to be at peace. Choose to forgive. Choose to love instead of keeping the hate – what does that do but to keep you miserable?

They all say that “actions speak louder than words” and yes, they do. Do you realize something else? Beautiful things often happen in silence:-

The caterpillar emerging from its cocoon.
The warmth when you enjoy your home-cooked food or even the warmth of having a soupy lunch on a cold and rainy day.
That cool breeze on a sunny afternoon.

Peace be with you.