Reflection #gratitude

We are taught to be grateful. I remind my boys to be grateful – say “Thank you” and show your appreciation. I remind myself to thank my children for whenever they initiate helping out around the house or at my request… mostly the latter. It struck me this morning: I have not been appreciating Ashley as he is. I have been so caught up with trying to correct him, making him practice the “right things” – holding the utensils correctly, eat properly, sit properly, etc., and totally overlooked his own uniqueness and appreciating it. I have not been thanking him for his unwithering positivity, his uncanny ability to know when to hide away from me and when to appear with a cheeky smile to sweep all fury away. I have not been assuring him my love for his uniqueness through my actions. I’ve been too focused on making sure he “grows up right”.

A lot has happened in the past year. Time flew. I learnt. The most difficult part is to manage human beings while being a mom, dad, an employee and manage a team. I am still learning.

Bottom line? I still very much prefer to speak with a Computer rather than deal with human emotions :p