Our Unicorn Lantern

The big boy and I started “project lantern” for his school’s little lantern competition. Scouted the web and found this DIY ‘Stained Glass’ Unicorn. The big boy approved with much delight and could not wait to start making our very first lantern. We made a trip down to Popular together with his grandpa and the littlest in the family to gather the materials – transparent colored paper, glue, scissors, board, glitter glue and colored pencils. The latter two items the boy insisted on getting because he needed to top up his art supplies. Boys.

We had a little help from grandpa with suggestions and from daddy with scaling the template. Off we went to the living room to commence the hard work. The big boy had such a fun time cutting the transparent paper into shapes, pasting them and not to mention, doing the testing and quality checks. The project was a wonderful bonding session with the big boy and a perfect chance for mummy here to realize how much this boy has grown.

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We made one for the little brother too 🙂